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Turkey Creek Auctions, Inc. In the News

Antique items meet modern sales techniques  by Grace Ballenger, Sippican Week, Nov 24, 2018 (NEW!)

Auctioneer profile: Charles David Glynn, Turkey Creek Auctions, Citra, Fla. by Starr Shuppert, Antique Week

With Art and Religion, there is more Truth than meets the Eye, Herald Tribune, about Tatiana McKinney.

Kaye Stevens’ possessions put up for auction, By Carlos E. Medina, Correspondent, Saturday, July 19, 2014., Ocala Star Banner.

From Martha’s Vineyard To The World At Marion Auction, by Laura Beach, Antiques and the, August 8, 2016

A handwritten poem by Edgar Allan Poe, expected to fetch between $10,000 and $20,000, surprised auctioneers of Marion Antique Auctions Saturday when it went for $300,000. South Coast Today, by Auditi Guha, July 2013

LITTLE OWL GIVES A BIG HOOT IN CENTRAL FLORIDA PRE THANKSGIVING SALE, A René Lalique owl figure, used as either a hood ornament or a paperweight sold for $47,300 at Turkey Creek, by Fred Taylor. E-Com.Wire.

Turkey Creek Auctions hosts Florida souvenir and memorabilia sale on March 3rd. Larry Roberts author of "Florida's Golden Age of Souvenirs 1890-1930" will offer most of his personal collection of souvenirs at Turkey Creek.

Estate, Turkey Creek Estate Auctions

Fine Art by listed artists sold at Turkey Creek Auctions Listed on AskArt   

Glynn is leading Turkey Creek into the 21st century, helping the company generate more thatn $1 milion in sales annually. They specialize in the liquidation of estates and personal property. "My parents used to ask when I'd get a real job," Glynn chuckled. "I guess now I can answer--I'm doing something that I love and somethat that is really just ingrained in my bery being. I love this business and things are going so well. I can't say that I'd rather be doint something else." Auctioneer Profile, by Star Shuppert, Antique

Where Beauty Meets Function, by Diana Schuh, Max Nickerson's love for ceramics has inspired a collection that spans the centuries. The Gainesville Sun

Turkey Creek Auction, Keeps on Rolling, The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, By Fred Taylor

Art Furniture: The Aestetic Movement, by Fred Taylor, Photos courtesy Turkey Creek Auctions, Inc.

Auction Reviews at Merchant Circle

Established in North Central Florida for over 20 years, Turkey Creek Auctions, Inc., Business Net Florida. Online Casinos News: Turkey Creek Auctions,

Know Your Antiques, August 23, 2014. Orlando Sentinel: The Heritage Preservation Trust will have auctioneer Charles "David" Glynn discuss fakes, forgeries and reproductions in the realm of American decorative arts and antiques. David Glynn, owner of Turkey Creek Auction in Citra, will conduct a workshop exposing the traits of fakes and forgers while informing collectors on how they too, can learn to be their own detectives when purchasing for their personal collections. Bring your antiques and collectibles and receive a free verbal appraisal benefitting the Lilian Place Heritage Center.

Highwayman's prison paintings, by Debbie Manis, Orlando Sentinel, 2007.

Nothing Tacky About These Souvenirs, Antique Week, Feb. 26th.

Florida Souvenirs 1890-1930, by Larry Roberts, Antiques and Arts Around Florida.


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